Choosing the Right Scholarship for You

Applying for scholarships does not have to be as difficult and filled with rejections as you might be thinking. In fact, get rid of those ideas. I had to. Realizing that I was going to have to do some real work to get the right scholarships for school, I got started as soon as possible. What I found is that, with some good research, I could find the best scholarships for me.

List your Personal Interests and Activities

I made a list of the different interests and activities I am involved in. So many scholarships are offered and they are often offered for skill in certain activities. For example, if you are an artist, you can search for specific art scholarships. The same is true if you are in theatre or interested in biology, chemistry, astronomy, or any other particular subject.

I started with a generalized search on the topic. Then, as the results returned, I used the searches that came up to get more specialized search terms. This revealed the specific scholarships that I could apply for along the lines of my activity choices.

Good at Writing? 

If you are good at writing like me, you are in luck. I found that there are quite a good number of scholarships offered for good writers. I decided to focus on entering several small essay contests to build up money and even scored on a few of them. These smaller scholarships are offered to more applicants than one and will often also offer publishing opportunities.

As far as the larger essay contests are concerned, you should go for it anyway. Even though there is less chance of winning due to the heavy competition, I still applied for two of them. In addition, I chose to apply for the full writer’s scholarships since I am interested in it as a major. There are many possibilities for writers when it comes to scholarships.

Scholarships for Specific Schools

Many of the possibilities you will find are applications for a scholarship to particular schools. Do a search for the scholarships that are just for the schools you are applying to. This has some good advantages. The competition will be much less.

I did this and found a total of six different options for the four schools to which I was applying. At the end of it all, I got two of them at one school and that was the deciding factor for me going to that school. It also worked out since they have an excellent writing program at the college. Finally, it gives me some connections with alumni before I have even started classes

Regional Scholarships

In order to fluff-up my possibilities even more, I opted for applications for regional scholarships. It took some more searching but I found that there were scholarships offered just for the Southeast region, which is where I would be going to school. Try every option you can. This last effort won me a decent scholarship.