Do You Know How Scholarship Winners are Chosen?

Nowadays, finding an appropriate scholarship for yourself and applying for it is no difficulty at all for you. You just need to do some research, and you will find multiple options. Applying for scholarships and winning them are two different things. Being chosen as the winner of a particularly good scholarship requires luck to a great extent.

If you have any experience in applying for scholarships, you would know that winning scholarships is extremely hard. You might have applied for numerous scholarships but never had anything to show for it. After all, only a handful of students get selected for scholarships. The Rest of the students either start looking for other ways to finance their education or give up altogether.

You may give a considerable amount of your time and effort in creating your application for scholarships. If you are serious about your college education, you have to focus on your application. You would have to develop and submit dozens of such application. Getting selected as the winner is your target, no matter which scholarship program you win. However, have you ever wondered how things are on the other side? How are winners for scholarships chosen?

The initial glance over the application

Scholarship applications and resumes are quite similar in this regard. Initially, the judges of the scholarship take a glimpse of the claims. With this initial glance, they go through the necessary information of the application. These include name, grades, organization, qualification, any obvious mistake, etc.

The initial stage of glancing over the scholarship application isn’t necessarily a long  process however, it is crucial for the final process. Some of the applications might as well be rejected in this first stage itself. Insufficient qualification or remarkable mistakes are the primary reasons for rejection in the initial phase.

Getting into the details

The next step involves poring over each application more closely. The judges now get into more information while going through each application. During this stage of choosing the winner, they will read any recommendation letter or essays that students might have sent. More in-depth details such as volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, etc. are reviewed at this point. The judges now have more basis for weeding our scholarship applications. Only the impressive applications make it to the next stage.


Comparing the remaining applications

After the judges are done with reviewing the applications, they will have a few remaining contenders to choose from. For selecting the winner out of the last few contenders, they start comparing all the applications with each other. The comparison is made based on every excruciating detail in the applications. The grades, experiences and essays, all are compared and contrasted for selecting a winner.

Once the process of comparing is done, judges now choose a candidate most suited for the scholarship award. The thorough comparison is the way to make sure only the deserving candidate gets to win. There might be one or multiple winners, depending on the scholarship program. After the entire process is done with, the winners are informed of the decision.