Know How to Make the Right Career Choice!

It is often a mystery when the time comes to making the right career choice. Carlton Fisk once quoted “it is not always what you achieve but what you overcome. It defines your career truly” And this is exactly what needs to be taken into consideration while choosing a path where you shall endure for a lifetime. The following article will concentrate on how to make the right career choice.

Antecedent of things

  1. Talk to yourself

Usually, career choices are made because they are in vogue. They are chosen for they fetch much money. The truth is that there is no point in determining a path that you are not going to enjoy for a lifetime. The line is apt here by Confucius, the Chinese teacher when he said, “Choose a career you love, and you don’t have to work a day in your life, it will be like your everyday hobby.” This is true and therefore to open yourself to the options that you are good at is perfect. Ask yourself –

  • Am I good at it?
  • Will I be able to enjoy for an extended period?
  • What if it doesn’t give me my career goals? What are the other options do I have in the same fraternity?

Once the answers to the above questions are received, the exordium to career choices can be made

2.Career options

  1. So now that you have determined to pursue in a specific field say, Mass Communication. List out the career options that you might want to get into. For mass communication, there are an array of choices available such as getting into the advertising world, journalism, film-making, radio jockeying, video jockeying, public relations, publishing and printing etc. Explore every sector minutely to know the points of convergence to get into the peak of the career.Once you are done with the exploring part of it, shortlist your alternatives. Jot down the job descriptions, the education qualification requirement, and any training or licensing that may be needed. Ask an acquaintance of the field which you have tentatively thought on. You could also seek advice from teachers and professors, career advisers and career consultants who are aware of the stream you wish to indulge your career in. Learn about the career advancement opportunities.

3.Right choice made

  1. At this point when you are sure about the stream, you wish to pursue your career in, set short term and long term goals. These are the designs for your career graph. For instance, do you want to remain at an officer level for a year or want to see yourself in the hierarchy of management in the coming five years, all this and more should be the spectrum of analyzing the right choice made.
  2. 4.Time for a career action plan

  3. Do whatever it takes to reach your career goal. Get to extra classes, if the need be. Choose your career choice wisely, for it is going to stay with you for another four decades.

    Words of wisdom             

    At any point in time, should you think your career no more interests you, leap faith! Take that chance and start something new where you feel you are accomplished. Once you have followed your heart, there are slim chances of you going wrong.