Why Should You Take Formal Education Seriously?

Formal education is the base of every quality society. The country’s quality population depends upon the literacy rate. It is the formal education that matters.

What is formal education after all?

Formal education is a systematic classroom base teaching methodology wherein every student receives the same piece of information and knowledge. The formal education comprises of tests and learning to understand the quantum of improvement.

The benefit of formal education not only gains an individual at large but also for the society. A society that believes in formal scholarship dwells well. It delivers a better standard of living.

The leverage of formal education

Every nation’s prosperity depends upon its Gross Domestic Product. It gauges the health of a country’s economy. When there is a quality of the workforce, the changes are automatically seen in the land. An orderly education system brings forth benefit towards the employers and employees, cordial relations between two nations, better child empowerment and much more.

A great education system can bring good government; can bring in prosperity for oneself and the nation. The rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities are known through a formal training system.

It is imperative that every individual should be imparted with formal schooling as it remains a –

  • Boon for the society to live in harmony,
  • Creates individuals who are creative,
  • Caters to the government with wealthy scientists,
  • Provides the population with farsighted people in business,

 All this cannot happen in a fortnight. It needs years of education, training, development and expression to groom the inner knowledge and knack. Formal education pinpoints every little trait in a human mind to bring in the best for a better tomorrow.

Prepotency of formal education

Formal education teaches a person the ability to communicate in the most courteous and poised manner even when there is an urgency of the matter. The world of today could have been a cruel place if there weren’t the formal education, the scholars, the humanists, the psychologists, economists to guide the functionality of a democracy.

Formal education teaches humanities. Classroom teachers apart from imparting knowledge on several subjects from English, to History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, etc. also play a vital role of divulging the sense of patriotism, brotherhood, love towards environment, love towards nature and animals, laws of morality, lows of religion, tolerance towards cultural differences and much more.

 The present scenario on formal education                                            

There are yet many places and countries, where formal training and education is a luxury.  The countries are unaware due to the scarce of availability of formal schooling and its importance at large.

Formal schooling can be a costly affair if there aren’t any public schools. Many towns and villages do not recourse to the concept of schooling due to the fund affair. Children at their age of learning and studying are made to mint money to run the family. The repercussions of a self-studied education are scary.

 Online teaching or self-teaching may only teach the ABC’s of subjects but of life is learnt through peer learning and classroom teaching.


If formal education is not taken seriously, the quality of education will start to decline. It will slowly slow down the development of the nation and human race more importantly.